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All the Diversity of a Physical Event, Recreated Online...

Event Variety

Easily run online job fairs, university virtual open days, virtual conferences and more.

Longer Event Lifecycle

We host your events so that you can keep driving attendance all year long.

Worldwide Audience

Extend the impact of a physical event or conference, with no attendee limitations.

Generate Revenue

Benefit of multiple sponsor and exhibitor opportunities, within your online event.

infosecurity virtual event

Virtual Events

Create engaging and insightful virtual events. Both hosts and sponsors can track attendee behaviour and capture vital information about their prospects and events.

Edge Hill University Virtual Open Day

Interactive & Online Job Fairs

Don’t be restricted by physical attendance limitations. Reach the best candidates and showcase sponsor companies with online job fairs.

infosecurity virtual event

Online Certifications

Leverage your content and deliver continuing education webinars in an automated and effective way. Certify your audience during your event.

Edge Hill University Virtual Open Day

Multi-Session Events

Just like at a physical event, your attendees can move around multiple-session events and interact with your content, you and your sponsors.

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