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Reach a Global Audience in an Engaging Way

Live Streaming

Online video and streaming services for physical events

Increase the reach

Expand the potential of your online event, with no attendee limit

Bespoke Design

Create a fully branded attendee experience

Concurrent Events

Run multiple event sessions at once, perfect for Virtual Conferences

Sony Webcast

Dedicated Online Video Streaming Solutions Team

Increase the impact and prolong the life of your live events. Get personalized support from our video streaming solutions team.

CBI Webcast

Bespoke event experience

Extend the reach of your physical events while maintaining your brand identity across devices. Engage your audience with tailor-made features.

Sony Webcast

Unlimited attendee capacity

There is no cap on attendees when webcasting with WorkCast. Broadcast your events and showcase your brand to thousands, without worrying about extra payments or upgrades.

CBI Webcast

The Stream Machine

Ideal for companies with in-house production teams. The Stream Machine is a powerful, plug in and go online event streaming device.

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Event Solutions

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