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Nature Biotechnology webcast on CAR-T cells: Latest advances and outstanding challenges

Originally aired: 20 September, 2017

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The astounding efficacy of CAR-T cells in acute lymphoblastic leukemia has ignited the field, as researchers and clinicians move to advance the technology. T cells, obtained from the patient and engineered to express a chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) that mediates antigen recognition and cellular activation, can kill tumor cells within days. The approach promises to expand to a broad range of tumors and antigens, with dozens of clinical trials now ongoing and FDA approval expected soon.

In recent months, ground has been gained towards identifying suitable target antigens beyond CD19, overcoming suppression in the microenvironment of solid tumors, and developing strategies to deal with antigen escape. Advances in clinical development, including efforts to develop a universal T cell line, identifying the best T cell subsets and managing side effects, will help reach patients outside a few academic centers. Looking beyond CAR-T cells, CAR-expressing NK and ϒδ T cells for cancer and CAAR-T cells for autoimmunity may represent promising approaches.

Join us for this webcast as we explore the latest advances and outstanding challenges in the fast paced research environment of CARs with experts that bridge the lab and clinic. We will have a live Q&A with your questions following the speakers’ brief presentations.

Marcela Maus
Assistant Professor
Harvard Medical School
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Renier Brentjens
Associate Member
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
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Martin Pule
Clinical Senior Lecturer
University College London
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Irene Jarchum
Senior Editor
Nature Biotechnology
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