WEBINAR: Experimental Considerations when Planning Chronic Models of Cardiovascular Disease in Rodents

Experimental Considerations when Planning Chronic Models of Cardiovascular Disease in Rodents



Live Date: Thursday, November 15, 2018
Duration: 75 minutes

During this educational webinar, Dr. Timothy A. Hacker discusses strategies and experimental design of long-term, chronic cardiovascular research in rodents. Specifically, he reviews the use of implantable telemetry, imaging and complimentary technologies for cardiovascular research, highlighting when to adopt one technology versus another and the advantages and limitations of each. He shares best-practices related to data acquisition and analysis, data interpretation and how to prepare data in support of your research hypothesis. Additionally, he touches on fundamental topics relevant to all preclinical cardiovascular experimentation, such as standardization, animal care, the 3Rs and regulatory constraints.

Key topics covered during this webinar include…

  • Why do some translational models correlate poorly with human disease?
  • Why are chronic models important?
  • Animal model and rodent strain choice
  • How to choose the right tools based on your research objectives
  • How to systematically approach data review and analysis and draw conclusions that support your research hypothesis
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Timothy A. Hacker, PhD.
Senior Scientist
University of Wisconsin
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Liam Sanio
Webinar Host
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