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Making CTCs Clinically Relevant: A Next Generation CTC Enrichment System


Originally aired; May 9, 2017

Duration: 30 minutes

Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) have long offered the promise of transforming the way cancer can be diagnosed and treated. CTCs come from both primary and metastatic tumor sites, providing a window into the evolving cancer biology of a patient.  Furthermore, they can be isolated from a simple blood draw enabling not only diagnosis, but disease monitoring through frequent characterization, ensuring treatments are personalized and targeted. In order for CTCs to realize this potential, these rare cells must be collected with high efficiency and purity, intact and undamaged, in a way that enables analytical characterization, with a simple to use, automated system. The VTX-1 Liquid Biopsy System has been developed with this in mind. It’s unique approach to isolating and collecting CTCs by targeting both the deformability of the cells and their larger size represents the next step in CTC enrichment systems. In this presentation, the VTX-1 will be introduced with data demonstrating why this unique enrichment approach should open doors for how CTCs can be used in cancer research and ultimately the clinic. 

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Elodie Sollier
Chief Scientific Officer
Vortex Biosciences
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