New Ways To Image & Identify: Low-Voltage FE-SEM with EDS


Elemental Analysis of Uncoated, Charge-Sensitive Specimens Using Sample Biasing

Scott Davilla, Keysight Technologies

Abstract: Elemental analysis of insulating materials can be difficult as the electron excitation energy is typically greater than 10 keV in order to produce x-ray lines of interest. When collecting x-ray spectrum from a charged sample surface, the location of the beam/sample interaction can be uncertain as the beam can be deflected to other locations by the accumulating charge. The typical method of coating with a conductive material can be undesirable as this can introduce x-ray artifacts and also be destructive to the sample. Low vacuum methods can help with charge reduction but also introduces x-ray artifacts that must be considered. This webinar will present a brief background to the physics of charging, traditional methods for the reduction of charging during elemental analysis and a new method of using sample biasing to greatly reduce or eliminate specimen charging.

Charging-Free Imaging of Insulating Specimens via Low-Voltage Scanning Electron Microscopy

Jining Xie, PhD, Keysight Technologies

Abstract: Imaging uncoated insulating materials is challenging for SEMs that work at high voltages (>5kV). The charging problem, caused by the excess charge accumulation on the specimen surface, is a nuisance for recording stable images in high quality. Low voltage field emission SEM is an ideal imaging technique for morphological characterization of energy-sensitive specimens because of its effective charging control, enhanced contrast and high spatial resolution. This webinar will present an experimental study on factors that are related to the charging phenomenon and demonstrate strategies on a low voltage field emission SEM towards a charging-free imaging performance.

The new Keysight 8500B FE-SEM system offers low-voltage, high resolution imaging of specimen surfaces as well as fully integrated energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) capabilities for quantitative elemental analysis. The remarkably compact, plug-and-play 8500B is easy to install and easy to use. No dedicated facilities are required.

Researchers and engineers who are interested in utilizing low-voltage FE-SEM and innovative EDS techniques for materials science, life science, and polymer science, as well as for various industrial applications (e.g., semiconductor, automotive, MEMS, energy), can benefit from this interactive 1-hour online event.
Scott Davilla
Keysight Technologies

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Jining Xie
Application Engineer
Keysight Technologies
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