Title: Ultra-thin Conformal Coatings: Improving Reliability for Innovative Technologies

Now available on-demand; originally aired on December 1, 2016

Duration: 1 hour

As demands for performance and reliability in the electronics, aerospace, medical device, automotive and defense industries continue to increase, engineers are challenged to find protection solutions for components that are ever-increasing in their complexity and decreasing in their dimension. For a number of years, conformal coatings have offered a level of protection to components, but many simply do not offer the level that is required for today’s, and tomorrow’s, complex technologies.

Parylene conformal coatings enhance the reliability of numerous devices and parts, including circuit boards, sensors, MEMS/semiconductor products, LEDs, implantable medical devices, elastomeric and metal components, in a host of applications. Key properties offered by the coatings include:

· Thermal stability up to 450 °C short-term (350 °
C long-term)
· Excellent chemical and moisture barrier properties
· High dielectric strength per unit thickness
· Biocompatibility and biostability per ISO 10993 and USP Class VI evaluations
· Low coefficient of friction
· Truly conformal, pinhole-free coverage (no air-gaps or voids)

This webinar will provide an overview of conformal coatings and how the Parylenes compare, the key properties and benefits of Parylene coatings, how they are applied, and a review of design considerations when using Parylene to increase reliability. Additionally, we will address the latest advances in adhesion technologies, which have significantly increased bonding to highly polished metal surfaces and a wide variety of polymers, and Parylene’s role in nano- and micro-technologies.

As applications and materials continue to evolve, Parylene conformal coatings enhance the performance and reliability of critical components and devices.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Vice President of Technology
Specialty Coating Systems, Inc.
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Lamar Young
Technical Manager
Specialty Coating Systems, Inc.
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Moderator: Jeffrey Winters
Senior Editor
Mechanical Engineering

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