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WorkCast’s Integration and Experience Team are the first point of contact you’ll have when you sign up to run WorkCast webinars.We work closely with you to create your master template, go through your planning call and get you all set-up ready to work with your designated WorkCast Event Manager.

To help you understand what to expect when you start using WorkCast, I thought it would be good to give you an overview of our team’s six step process.

1. Welcome Email

This email introduces you to our Integration & Experience team and contains an online registration form for you to supply your brand details.

2. Master Template Creation and Approval

Once you have completed the form in step one, your master registration and auditorium templates are built and sent back to you for approval.

3. Your Planning Call

The Integration Team arranges a call with yourself, your designated Account Manager and a member of the Integration Team. During this call, we discuss the webinar content, your preferred event times and dates, plus any online event rehearsals prior to the live (or pre-recorded webinar) date that you require.

4. Supplying Event Details

Next you’ll be sent an email with a form for you to complete the information we require to run your first event. This will typically be the text you want to display within your webinar registration and auditorium pages and speaker details.

5. Your Event Goes LIVE

Once your first event is created, it is then sent to you for approval. When you’re happy with it, you can then begin to promote your registration form to gain registrations for your live event. Our eBook - Winning at Webinars is full of information on how to get the most out of your event marketing.

At this point, The Integration Team will hand you over to your Online Event Manager who will let you know when they need your webinar slides. They’ll also arrange a rehearsal prior to your live or pre-recorded webinar date.

6. Post Event – Your Webinar Recording

So that you don’t miss out on continuing to promote your event, you’ll be sent the on-demand version of your event as a url. This means you can continue to promote the pre-recorded event and capture even more registrations.

The Integration & Experience Team is looking forward to getting you started with your first online event very soon!


By Lee Farthing

Lee joined WorkCast in January 2010 as a web designer. Having worked on a range of client, company website and marketing projects he was made Head of Design at WorkCast. With the business growing Lee took on a new role in September 2014 as Head of Integration & Experience. This role includes ensuring all new clients are integrated within the WorkCast platform with the correct template solution for their needs. Lee also looks after the design department and works closely with a range of departments at WorkCast. Outside of work Lee is a big fan of Middlesbrough F.C, Alan Partridge, Grand Designs and any film with John Candy in it.

Connect with Lee on LinkedIn.

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