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I find myself writing this blog entry sitting waiting for the Heathrow Connect on my way to film a presentation for use in an upcoming live webcast for a WorkCast customer

Lead Generation

Webinars are a great tool for lead generation and stimulating leads in your sales funnel. Webinars allow you to curate a list of genuinely interested leads who care enough about you and what your organisation offer to attend a webinar. The WorkCast Platform is designed to help you get the most out of the information you get from sign ups and attendees. The rich and interactive nature of a webinar allows you to procure far more information about your leads than other methods. For example it moves them past Names and Job-Titles and fleshes them out into people with genuine needs, worries and concerns- which you can address. Turning your leads into prospects you can integrate into your CRM or marketing automation platform with confidence.

Why include pre-recorded video presentations in live events? There's a number of reasons to consider this - most principally that it engages audiences. We find that audiences watch live events for longer and take away more of the key messages when video is utilised. You only have to look at mainstream TV and traditional corporate messaging - this is principally done by video, we call this webcasting. Audiences engage when they see other humans.

Including video prerecords into live events doesn't only build engagement amongst audiences it also enables you to ensure your message is perfect. This is the case with my client today - a pharmaceutical company doing a series of events about a vaccine for use in the NHS. We'll film this multiple times with a number of medical and compliance experts on hand so we can change and manipulate wording so it doesn't mislead. Very similar to TV commercial compliance (a hark back to my previous life at a video production company).

Once we've filmed today’s event it’ll be used across a series of six events at various dates and times to reach as broad an audience as possible in the health service. Our pre-record also means the presenter doesn't need to be on hand to present live six times - we can wrap it all up in a few hours.

That doesn't mean the live event won't be interactive for the audience though. We have a panel of experts lined up on the phone to answer questions from the audience during two Q&A slots and we have considered allowing moderated chat so attendees can chat with the experts as the presentation is playing. This means they get an instant response to their query - especially important when time is critical in the health service and Doctors may have to dash off to see to a patient.

The video production team produce a range of content from the simple to the more polished TV style production. If you have an idea for some video in your event please get in touch and we would be happy to arrange a free online demo.


By Richard Lee

Richard is responsible for all onsite webcasts and video production for the WorkCast Platform and a team of producers and webcasting coordinators. Richard's has a background of over 10 years producing corporate videos, TV commercials, streaming and delivery.

On any given week he could be following a Chief Executive around the country filming executive briefings to be delivered by webcasts to their global workforce, or delivering events such as pharmaceutical product launches or tech launches to our clients' customer base.

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