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If I stand back and for one moment imagine I was running the marketing for a different B2B company (i.e. not marketing the WorkCast Platform!) what would make me want to choose a webinar platform today…and how highly do ‘features’ factor into my choice of Platform?

And with so many features, what features would be at the top of my wish list?

Marketing Lead Generation

For marketing lead generation - my typical reasons for running webinars - on top of my usual lead marketing metrics, I want….

Of course the WorkCast Platform does all of this and more, which I’ll cover in future blogs, but for now I’m going to focus on reporting, analytics and touch on integration.

As marketers, we need metrics to back-up decisions on spend and to understand what to do more and of course what to do less of! The same goes for webinars, the more metrics I can have on the success of my webinars the better I can make future decisions.

  • to know how and when people register and how long they watch the webinar
  • to get information on how they interact within the webinar
  • it to all integrate into my CRM system

Metrics, Analytics and Data

Webinar metrics on attendance and interaction helps me sharpen our content and technique for future webinars.

I closely watch how many registrations convert to attendees. Once registration takes place, I want to ensure they attend either on the day or watch the on-demand version, so I make sure my reminder email wording is compelling, I continue to tweet and ‘make noise’ about the event on the build-up in relevant channels and I can see through my reporting in the WorkCast Platform how successful our attendee marketing has been.

Then I keep an eye on the viewing times. For example, if I can see attendees dropping out at the 20 minute mark of a 40 minute webinar then I’ll shorten the next one, or I will make it more interactive by running a Poll at 20 minutes into the event - to keep my attendees engaged.

For me, Polls not only just provide a bit of interaction within my event, they provide a deeper level of insight into our potential and existing customers. I can ask a question to find out what’s important to them in their buying decisions which in turn lets me know what information they want to see more of and how I can help with future content marketing.

Integrating that kind of insight straight into my CRM system, or a marketing automation platform, is frankly a Marketing Manager’s dream - and I’ll cover more on this in a future blog.

So, yes features for me would rate highly and reporting metrics being one that I would constantly use to shape my webinar series and strive to raise the bar on marketing webinars.


By Natasha McDonough

With over 15 years B2B marketing experience within the Technology, Publishing, Events, and Professional Service sectors, Natasha has developed a passion for campaign led marketing, inbound methodology and loves the fact that she gets to use a webinar marketing tool whenever she wants!

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