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One of the most frequent questions WorkCast gets asked is "What is the difference between a Webinar and a Webcast?" Nick Saich, WorkCast's Partner Manager made it his goal to research the difference between the terms, and in doing so offer an answer to the question. Here's what he had to say:

The Difference Between Webinars and Webcasts

The World of Online Events can be a confusing one. For those of you just starting out, and even for the more seasoned amongst us, organisers of ‘Webinars’ and ‘Webcasts’ can find the lingo used all rather confusing

Time and time again I come across people using different terminology for Online Events. ‘Hold on’ I hear you say, ‘what is an Online Event?!’ It seems that even the Web Conference, Webinar and Webcast Providers are all using different terminology.

I spent many years selling Audio Webcasts, something my current colleagues would call a Webinar, so some adjustment has been required. Clarification is often required when I start out with any new Partner or Customer; we need to make sure we are talking about the same thing!

In a world clustered with definitions, here are mine- which I have tried to simplify so we can all agree:


A one-to-many presentation streamed as an Online Event with participants watching and listening through their computer or mobile device.


A many-to-many communication generally coupled with an audio conference using a telephone or VOIP. Part of the ‘Unified Communications’ / ‘Collaboration’ mix.

Here is my attempt to clear things up a little…

Of course, every company probably has their own definitions. However, based on my own experience and many online definitions I have averaged out standard classifications and put the following together:

  • Online Events: The umbrella term used to describe Webinars and Webcasts. Online Communications in a one-to-many format.
  • Webinar: A seminar or presentation conducted over the Internet in a one-to-many format.
  • Webcast: A video broadcast of an event transmitted across the Internet in a one-to-many format.
  • Unified Communications: The umbrella term to include tools such as Instant Messenger, Audio, Web, and Video Conferencing.
  • Web Conference: A system by which many computer users can communicate with each other all at the same time using webcams over the internet in a many-to-many format.

I hope this has helped some confused people and I would welcome any comments, opinions or questions!

If you would like to read more about Unified Communications Providers and Webinar Platforms go ahead and read my recent blog here.


By Nick Saich

Nick Saich is WorkCast's Partner Manager and works closely and effectively with partners and resellers of the WorkCast Platform. Nick has over eight years experience of online events - so for such a relatively new sector, he's quite an old boy!

Prior to joining WorkCast, Nick spent over seven years providing audio, web conferencing and webcast services for a leading service provider. During that time, he was constantly coming across WorkCast, so he thought he'd learn more and ultimately joined the team!

Connect with Nick on LinkedIn.

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