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I recently joined the New Business Development team at WorkCast, and now look after our Associations and Charities sector. It’s been great learning so much about the WorkCast webinar software platform, about our customers and delving into why so many business and trade associations love running webinars.

To share some of my new knowledge I’ve gained, I thought I’d write my first WorkCast blog! It focuses on just some of the reasons why Associations find webinars a perfect member communication tool.

Reach a global audience and interact with members:

Many associations now have a global membership base and face the difficult task of offering member benefits that everyone can access. Webinars are a cost effective way of offering useful content that can be accessed from anywhere in the world and at any time of day or night. They can also provide a platform for direct interaction with members.

Drive revenue:

Both sponsorship of events, and pay per view content for non-members, can offer high ROI for associations. Organisations can be approached to sponsor events or provide thought leadership content, enabling them to position themselves as trusted experts in a particular field in front of a large membership base.

Generate leads for prospective members:

Offering valuable content for non-members can show prospective members the value of joining a particular association. Additionally, accurate reporting of attendee behaviour can generate good quality qualified leads.

Reduce physical event cost:

Physical events can be expensive and time consuming to organise. Webinars can be used to enhance a physical event, or completely replace it, depending on the requirements of the association. Many organisations are scaling down business trips for their staff, so an online event allows members to view content and participate in an event without travelling to a specific location. Webinars can be organised at relatively short notice, which is useful when communicating updates on best practice and current affairs.

Offer e-learning and CPD

Many associations offer members continuous professional development points, and so doing this via online learning channels is accessible to all. Highly interactive, engaging webinars that incorporate polls, chat and surveys hold attendee attention. Attendees can be issued with certificates on completion of a course.

If you’d like to get in touch to discuss how your association or charity could use webinars, please email me at I look forward to working with you.


By Michelle Houghton

Michelle Houghton got into the world of online events in 2014 after starting her career in mobile technology. When she’s not selling WorkCast’s market leading webinar platform, she’s one of WorkCast’s resident language experts.

Michelle graduated with Masters in Translation Studies from Durham University in addition to a BA in French and Italian. Before returning to her native North East England, she spent time living and working in the South of France and Italy.

Connect with Michelle on LinkedIn.

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