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I recently visited the US to meet with some of our long standing, and more recent, clients. I’m always interested to get in front of our publishing and association clients to gain greater insight into how they deliver content to their members, and how they leverage their members/subscribers to generate revenue.

Obviously online events (such as webinars, webcasts, virtual conferences, CPE/CPDC/CME presentations etc) are a huge part of this, and with such a fast growing market in online events.I’m also very keen to explore ways of keeping this means of communication both engaging and tailored for the client’s specific business needs. There is one main thing that stands out for me at the moment in how content and subscriber/member businesses should maximise the impact of their online events.

Online events shouldn't be seen as one-off, individual events

I often think it’s a missed opportunity when organisations simply market a one-off webinar. We see more successful campaigns when they are part of a sales and marketing mix including other digital and physical event services.

The most successful online events make use of the ‘real-estate’ of your registration page to cross-market. For instance including banners within the registration page promoting related content or events.

Our most successful clients are increasingly integrating online events not only into other marketing campaigns but also into their websites and marketing automation tools such as Eloqua.

Why direct traffic away from your website when you can direct viewers to channels of content embedded into your website. If you have a website login this removes the need for the viewer to register when they are already logged in. The idea here, is to create a hub of content central to your website.

One other area where I’ve seen great use of integrated online events is in the world of online job boards. Candidates are no longer satisfied with trawling job boards looking for the latest jobs, and employers are always looking for new and innovative ways to attract and qualify candidates. So a hybrid of virtual careers fairs and job boards has emerged. This attracts potential candidates to engage with point in time content and web-chats that are hosted in the same area as the job listings. This drives candidates towards the job ads with engaging content. All the statistics such as who has clicked on specific jobs or viewed video content can then be given to the job advertiser.

Next time you a plan an online event, think about how it can complement other parts of your business and vice versa. If you’d like to get in touch to discuss ways to create engaging online events please, drop me a note at


By Chris Darch

Chris Darch has been with WorkCast since 2009 and was a key member of the original business development team at WorkCast's head office.Over the years he has introduced and developed some of our key customers including Sony, Reed Elsevier, Serco and EMAP.

Chris currently heads up our Business Development team bringing his extensive knowledge of the webcasting and online events world to our prospective clients. An avid foodie and fan of cycling, hiking and travel, Chris will often be found in quirky London restaurants, jetting around the globe to soak up sights, or hiking in beautiful Northumberland.

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