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SelectScience has more than 15 years' experience in communicating with scientists online, delivering invaluable information to help with critical research and industry applications. SelectScience’s webinars promote conversation between manufacturers and scientists around the world, providing a platform to inform members about new technological innovations through educational case studies.


Why do SelectScience deliver webinars

SelectScience has a global audience of scientists from industries such as clinical science, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, to chemistry, food science and environmental research. Its members look to SelectScience to provide impartial information on new scientific products and instruments, and in a webinar they are looking for a clear presentation of a new application or product, relevant product videos, related articles, brochures, and information about the speaker, to provide credibility and the ability to submit their questions in an easy manner.

As the website most trusted by scientists, SelectScience is in a unique position to report on cutting-edge technologies, research breakthroughs and scientific news as it happens. Webinars enable SelectScience to disseminate this information to a global audience in an engaging and dynamic format. The Q&A section always proves extremely successful and the company welcomes the opportunity to hear feedback from their audience.


Webinars are one of the many ways that SelectScience encourages conversation between scientists around the world and product manufacturers. SelectScience enables members to make informed decisions about the latest lab products and technologies through product reviews, information on scientific products and manufacturers, expert buying guides, application notes, editorial special features and video interviews from leading scientists around the world.  

How SelectScience measures the success of a webinar

SelectScience believes a successful webinar is one that exceeds the expectations of both the audience and the manufacturers. The company finds that registration and attendance numbers are important, but the best measure of success is attendee engagement. Some webinars have attracted more than 100 questions from attendees, and large numbers of participants have invited their colleagues to watch the on-demand content. SelectScience also finds that webinars can generate social media conversations with manufacturers and attendees for weeks afterwards. Ultimately the knowledge that webinar content is proving useful and interesting is the most important goal for SelectScience.

Why did SelectScience choose the WorkCast Platform?

“WorkCast has a team dedicated to publishers and so the company understands our need to provide the best service to all of our stakeholders. The flexible platform allows us to customise the registration page and emails to fit our customers’ needs, while maintaining SelectScience branding throughout. The simple to use system enables us to pull content from a variety of sources and disseminate it in a fashion that is easy to access for a global audience. Our members come from a variety of backgrounds and we find that several attendees may be behind firewalls or on low speed internet connections. The WorkCast platform doesn't require any software downloads and drops the streaming resolution automatically if required, making webinars accessible to anyone. The reporting tool allows us to provide in-depth analysis of webinar engagement to our customers, while integrating seamlessly with our own database requirements.”

Laura Burnett, Projects Editor at SelectScience

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