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All the Diversity of a Physical Event, Recreated Online...

Event Variety

Online job fairs, university virtual open days, virtual conferences and more

Longer Event Lifecycle

Keep marketing the event and driving attendance all year long

Extend Reach

Extend the reach of a face-to-face event to a worldwide audience

Generate Revenue

Multiple sponsor and exhibitor opportunities

Virtual Events & Online Conferences

Virtual events take all the interaction that can happen at your physical event or conference and facilitates it effectively online. You can take your entire event online or offer a hybrid conference with part of the event live and part online.

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Interact & Capture Information

Delegates can move around an online conference with ease, downloading relevant information or accessing links from various online exhibition booths or during video webcasts and messages. Hosts and sponsors of the event can track delegate behavior. Chat lounges can be set up and there can be dedicated areas for sponsor chat and presenter chats.

Global employees can interact with one another online and view executive messages via live or recorded videos.

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