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Reaching a Global Audience in an Engaging Way...

Global Audience

Extend the reach and of your physical event


Live polls, chats and surveys keep things interesting

Sponsorship Opportunities

Broaden sponsor reach

Secure Communications

Reach a dispersed workforce with ease


Webcasts extend the life and the reach of your physical conference or event tenfold. Traditional conferences can be live streamed simultaneously, or part of your event can be filmed and shown to attendees to take back to their office and share with colleagues. This means your launch can reach a global audience with ease.

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Engaging Content

From running highly engaging marketing product launches, investor relations messages through to corporate change or crisis management messages, webcasts enable you to reach your audience whilst capturing key data on who attends, for how long they viewed and how they interacted throughout the event, with reporting metrics built into the platform.

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Virtual Events

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Event Solutions

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