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The WorkCast Online Event and Presentation Platform delivers webinars that...

Are Live or Pre-recorded

Run live or simu-live rich-media webinars that reach your audience, on any device.

Generate Leads

Engage your audience from start to finish with immersive presentations.

Showcase Your Brand

Fully branded templates, registration forms and communication emails.

Are Fully Hosted

Extend the life of your webinars with our fully hosted, on-demand service.

PowerPoint With Embedded Video Support

Allow your webinar content to stand out. Make use of embedded videos and slide animations to engage your audience and showcase your content.

Webinar Hosting

You don’t have to worry about creating an on-demand version of your webinar or even about hosting it. We will do that for you, with just one click.

Advanced Analytics

WorkCast is bringing the power of advanced analytics to webinars and online events. Our goal is to empower your marketing team to achieve valuable impact and better insight on your audience.


Over 77% of marketing managers already use webinars for effective lead generation. Gain more insight into your audience’s journey and their conversion process.



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