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I decided to write this post to help people consider the different ways in which webinars can engage your audience. With more webinar watchers in the world today and technology that allows us to view them anytime and anywhere, it’s opened up a world of webinar ‘viewing habits!’.

I think I’m a mix of an on-demander and a night time viewer - I focus on my marketing work during core hours and then I’ll catch a recording of a webinar at a time to suit me - sometimes at night after I get the kids to bed or perhaps over a sandwich at my desk!

1. The Fan

Someone who is an existing customer or a frequent content viewer. They’re a marketing automation platform’s dream! These are the people that always open your email campaigns, download content, register and attend your webinars. They’ll probably even interact and chat throughout the webinar.

Possibly an existing customer of yours or someone that is sitting strong in your sales and marketing funnel. Embrace them - get closer to them and hopefully in turn they’ll also share your content within their network too.

2. The On-Demander!

This person is savvy enough to know that if they register for a webinar, they will get sent the recording of the webinar if they’re unable to make the live event. They’ll also know that they can also watch it on any device too. This is a good reminder to always tell people in your email invite that they’ll be sent the recording, so that it encourages them to register even if they’re unsure as to whether they can attend the live webinar.

3. The Multitasker

They’ll log on and view the webinar, but often flit between other actions happening in their inbox. It doesn’t mean they’re not engaged with what you’re saying, it’s just that they’re just ticking a few boxes and working on other stuff at the same time! These people are probably ideal viewers, as they’re not intimidated by the technology - they will simply log on, stick their headphones on and listen while they work!

4. Night Owl

This is not one that we know about for sure, but one we can presume happens (from talking to marketing peers) and also this interesting article confirms it. It talks about how many of us are extending our days by often logging in again before wehit the hay.

Often it’s the best way to get through everything and enjoy a work-life balance. Many of us are keeping our office hours to core hours, getting some precious hours with the kids but logging back on to catch up at night. Or we just prefer to watch and read information in our own home at night rather than burning the candle in the office.

5. The No-Show

There will always be those that don’t show up despite registering. But consider this - they registered, they engaged with your brand so you got in front of them and now they’re in your sales and marketing funnel. Your job now is to get them to convert to viewers for either the on-demand version of your webinar or future webinars. With the no-shows - simply remarket to them.

So, after reading through all five - what type of webinar viewer are you?


By Natasha McDonough

With over 15 years B2B marketing experience within the Technology, Publishing, Events, and Professional Service sectors, Natasha has developed a passion for campaign led marketing, inbound methodology and loves the fact that she gets to use a webinar marketing tool whenever she wants!

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