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Webinars and webcasts are no longer stand alone events. It’s now about content marketing and integration.

For many years, webinars and webcasts have been delivered and consumed as one-off, point in time sessions or presentations to generate leads, educate an audience or engage with employees. The real opportunity in today’s market however is to leverage the technology that exists, to deliver live presentations and build engaging content portals.

Content marketing is the driving force in marketing and communication as potential customers use search engines to look for original content to help their buying decisions. Online event platforms offer this to them to help engage audiences and deliver manageable content.

Organisations not only need the ability to create and deliver these online events whether live, replay or on-demand, they also need a way to integrate them into websites. By doing so, they leverage search engines or create communities around brands, topics or presenters.

Visitors don’t want to be taken to new sites or register multiple times for events. They want to be able to access all content whether it is articles, downloads, videos , webinars or webcasts from a common site or portal.Webinar and webcast platforms have had to evolve. They not only need to provide the best of event management, presentation, video and engagement features that are now available, they need to be able to interact or create environments that enhance or promote existing websites, portals or micro-sites.

So, as content curation, creation and distribution requires greater automation, webcasting and webinar platforms can start to fill this gap.


By Barney Brown

Barney Brown is WorkCast's Chief Commercial Officer. He co-founded WorkCast in 2008 alongside Chief Operating Officer, Stewart Kibby. WorkCast has grown rapidly since 2008 to become a first class, award winning Online Event Platform with many of the World's leading brands as customers.

As a webinar and webcasting software pioneer, Barney has been instrumental in shaping the products over the years that users experience today.

When he's not visiting WorkCast's valued customers and offices in the UK and overseas, he'll be found supporting his beloved Arsenal FC.

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