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I've had the pleasure of working with Unilever on their Virtual JAM conferences over the past 12 months. It's been fantastic to see how many of their workforce engage with these events and take part in all the different levels of interactivity helping to bring a global team together.

To me it shows a company harnessing all the benefits virtual events can provide. I’ve seen more companies recently moving their internal communications challenges and opportunities online, and what stood out to me, was that the Unilever Virtual JAM gave a fantastic spin and play on branding too.

The event was accompanied with a ‘jazz’ theme tune, packed full of resources, video messages and a chance for the selected group of employees to get access to each other and receive messages at times to suit them.

Here are my top 3 takeaways from Unilever's Virtual JAM:

1. Effective Marketing

Unilever have demonstrated that with effective internal marketing and sticking to a known theme, online events can generate higher levels of engagement and easier access to materials than any other format.

2. The Virtual Solution

By delivering the event online, it drastically cuts travel time, costs and the impact on busines. Online events can be perfectly suited to cascade business critical information across the workforce in a secure and professional manner.

3. Live or On-Demand?

One of the key success factors we found in the Virtual JAM is the ability to deliver live content and provide it as on-demand media shortly afterwards allowing those in different time zones access to all presentations at all times, greatly increasing overall engagement. This paired with the interactive format of the sessions has set a president in the team which has already yielded a second Virtual JAM with more on the way.

I’m genuinely excited to see how Unilever will expand on their virtual events and reach out to their wider workforce in inventive and compelling content.


By Michael McDonagh

Michael McDonagh is one of WorkCast's Account Managers and since October 2012 has enjoyed working with many of WorkCast's global customers including Unilever, Epson, Open University, ADP, QinetiQ and Pentland - to name just a few!

The Marketing Team asked co-workers for the first word that pops into their heads when they thought about Michael and in no particular order - Efficient - Reliable - Knowledgeable - Dependable and ... Beefy! Is there anything more you could ask for in an Online Event Account Manager?

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