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I spent 7 years working for a leading Unified Communications Service Provider and spent the final 3 of those years battling to resell the Global Leading Webinar & Webcast Platform. There were a number of reasons for this but for me as a Sales Person it was high pricing and lack of Partner sales support that were most notable. Since speaking to many service providers this has emerged as a common theme.

Lead Generation

Service Providers...

  • Have the sales teams
  • Have the client base
  • Client base has the requirement for Webinars

…but they are not selling anywhere near as many Webinars, Webcasts or Virtual Events as they should be.

The main reasons for this are:

  • A lack of Sales enablement and support from the Webinar Platform Provider
  • Difficulty in streamlining the provisioning and invoicing of clients
  • High cost barrier of Webinar Platform producing low margins
  • Non-intuitive Self-Service options
  • Lack of control and options for API’s

It seems that there is an awful lot of opportunity out there for Unified Communications Service Providers to get this right, but what must come first is a platform built for purpose.


By Nick Saich

Nick Saich is WorkCast's Partner Manager and works closely and effectively with partners and resellers of the WorkCast Platform. Nick has over eight years experience of online events - so for such a relatively new sector, he's quite an old boy!

Prior to joining WorkCast, Nick spent over seven years providing audio, web conferencing and webcast services for a leading service provider. During that time, he was constantly coming across WorkCast, so he thought he'd learn more and ultimately joined the team!

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