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The chat function in WorkCast’s webinar software platform brings the interaction and live aspect you want into your online events.

This blog will explore the opportunities and challenges that online chat provides.

How to get your webinar attendees chatting:

  • Kick start your online event by putting a chat message in the box to ‘get the conversation’ going - i.e. be the one that starts it
  • Welcome people to the event to break the ice
  • Asking where they are located or which businesses they are attending from is always a good starter

Who in our team should respond to chats?

  • If a Product is being launched, someone from your product marketing team or technical team should ideally be on hand to respond to chats
  • Employees or consultants who have been involved in the project you are presenting about will be the best people to answer questions around your webinar content
  • You can have members of your team answering chat questions in the webinar platform whilst you are presenting live, or if you have pre-recorded your webinar then by all means go in and be the person that chats

Can I choose not to publish questions and answers?

  • Yes - whoever is monitoring the chat has the option to select whether to respond privately or publicly

Can webinar presenters chat between themselves?

  • Presenters can chat between themselves within the Platform privately should they wish

So, armed with more knowledge on chatting - how are you going to start yours? Request a demo with one of the team today to see how you could be making your webinars more interactive.


By Natasha McDonough

With over 15 years B2B marketing experience within the Technology, Publishing, Events, and Professional Service sectors, Natasha has developed a passion for campaign led marketing, inbound methodology and loves the fact that she gets to use a webinar marketing tool whenever she wants!

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