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This summer WorkCast launched its eBook, Winning at Webinars.

Our customers regularly ask us for different ideas and techniques to help them promote their webinars more effectively. With so much knowledge around the various teams of WorkCast, we quizzed everyone here and pulled together our very own step-by-step guide to provide you with everything you need to know about delivering a successful webinar!

Winning at Webinars

The race theme Winning at Webinars was inspired by the ever growing number of marathon runners at WorkCast! We’ve split the eBook into five ‘running themed’ steps which will guide you through the process of delivering a webinar. The eBook will help you to consider the best structure for your content, how to plan and set goals and execute successful and measured marketing campaigns.

Here’s an outline of each of the chapters;.

Chapter One: Goal Setting - Business Needs and Objectives

  • Considering what you’re looking to achieve from your webinar
  • Setting timelines for content and marketing
  • Involving internal departments and getting ‘buy-in’ for your webinar

Chapter Two: Creating a Winning Team - Content and Speakers

  • Planning early
  • Setting timelines for content and marketing
  • Creating a compelling topic

Chapter Three: Get off your Starting Blocks! - Effective Marketing

  • Setting-up your registration page
  • Giving your audience a reason to attend
  • How to get creative with your marketing
  • Segmenting data and split testing email campaigns

Chapter Four: Race Day! - Live or Scheduled Replay

  • Deciding if your webinar is to be live or a scheduled replay
  • The importance of attractive and engaging slides
  • Encouraging interaction through polls, chat and Q&A
  • Making your event available on multiple devices

Chapter Five: Measuring your Success and Next Actions

  • Looking at metrics, how to review whether you have met your goals
  • Integrating with external platforms such as CRM or Automation Platforms
  • Benefit of the on-demand version of your webinar
  • Considering hosting your webinars in a channel

Download your FREE copy of the eBook Winning at Webinars here

If you have any suggestions for future eBooks you’d like to see, we’d love to hear from you!


By Charlotte Wareing

Charlotte Wareing is WorkCast's Senior Digital Marketing Executive and looks after many of the digital marketing activities including webinars and content lead generation for WorkCast.

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