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Infosecurity Magazine’s Virtual Conference is a two day global online event that runs twice a year. It provides attendees with the latest information security strategy, insight and technology whilst giving participants the opportunity to earn CPE credits towards industry qualifications, discuss industry challenges with their peers and meet with industry thought leaders – wherever they are in the world. Infosecurity Magazine were attracted to WorkCast’s flexible platform and collaborative approach to developing high levels of interactivity and engagement for the attendee.

In 2013, a new Group CSE strategy and organizational restructure was announced meaning a period of significant transition. The Leadership Team were clear that there was a need to bring the team together with clear objectives:


Client Objective

  • Create revenue and sponsorship opportunities through sponsor booths
  • Maintain flow of information to audience when physical events aren’t happening
  • Make the event accessible to audiences around the world
  • Deliver a number of informative live sessions over the two days
  • Create an interactive and engaging event experience for the attendee

What they Achieved with WorkCast

  • All of live keynote sessions made available to global audiences over the two days. The virtual event is also now available on-demand
  • Different levels of sponsor booths which included informative sponsor videos , company bios & downloads
  • Resource section allowing attendees to download useful documents and access previous webinars
  • Interactive networking lounge for attendees, encouraging thought leadership and attendee engagement
  • Participants had the opportunity to earn CPE credits by attending the educational sessions and successfully answering the questions at the end of each session
  • The virtual event generated a high number of registrations over the two days and a massive 70% of those registrants attended the actual event

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