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A User Focused Online Events Provider:

WorkCast is proud to provide a best-in-breed online events platform that enables partners to maximise revenues and create large margins. The WorkCast Platform allows partners to resell webinars, webcasts, channels, and virtual events in a flexible manner, with dedicated support from experienced WorkCast Channel Managers.

Market-Leading Online Events Platform

For live, pre-recorded and on-demand recorded webinars and webcasts

Branded Client Demo Channel

Offer fully branded templates with branded communication emails

More Attendee Interaction

Moderated online chat, polls and surveys

Group Client Events

Branded channels enable events to be securely hosted

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Partner Benefits


Collaboration & Unified Comms

Perfect for Service Providers and resellers that want to provide a professional Online Events Platform

Financial PR

Perfect for those who want professional updates that represent their organisation to Shareholders and The Press

Healthcare Communications

Perfect for those who wish to host drug launches and medical updates on a worldwide, online scale

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Marketing & PR Agencies

Perfect for those who need new ways to create lead generation, product launches and other PR exercises

AV & Event Management Providers

Perfect for expanding physical events and incorporating live, online functionality to cater for a larger, global audience

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