Mitigating Insider Threat & Risk with Zero-Trust Based Systems

Originally Aired May 11, 2021

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Insider Threat incidents make-up roughly 30% of all cybersecurity activity in the federal government, a percentage that will likely rise with the surge in COVID-19 related telework and Pentagon directives to support sensitive telecommuting. The Insider Threat is defined as a “User Problem” that occurs when persons with authorized access to mission assets intentionally or unintentionally act in a way that negatively impacts the organization, while Insider Risk is a “Data Problem” that occurs when information disclosure damages the well-being of an organization, its mission, employees, or partners.

Moving forward Federal CISO’s will need solutions to address both. A combination of tried-and-true advanced analytics to “deter” and “detect” suspicious user activity as well as advanced Zero-Trust based “mitigation” capabilities designed to “never trust, always verify” and “assume a breach.” to reduce attack surfaces, enforce access control policies and provide a last line of defense when incidents inevitably occur.

SpiderOak Mission Systems is pleased to invite you to this timely and relevant panel discussion where Inside Threat & Risk experts Larry D. Knutsen, retired CIA Senior Intelligence Service Officer and Fred Walker, former NSA Technical Director for Counter-intelligence Knowledge Management will join Zero-Trust expert Paul Simmonds, CEO of the Global Identity Foundation & Director of the Cloud Security Alliance (Europe) to discuss the changing characteristics of the insider threat and how Zero-Trust based solutions paired with advanced analytics can address these problems.


Fred Walker
Security And Counterintelligence Expert (Retired)
National Security Agency (NSA)
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Larry Knutsen
Former Senior Intelligence Service Officer
The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
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Paul Simmonds
CEO of the Global Identity Foundation
Director of the Cloud Security Alliance (Europe)
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Bob Ackerman
Editor in Chief
SIGNAL Magazine
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