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The AFCEA Intelligence Committee Webinar Series will look at the latest intelligence and security issues facing the nation. These conversations will feature members of AFCEA’s highly regarded Intelligence Committee, a volunteer group of public- and private sector intelligence professionals dedicated to strengthening government, industry, and academic collaboration for a safer future. The series will focus on identifying the most promising and most successful innovation and partnership ideas currently taking root within industry and the national security community.

Webinar Dates:

September 24th at 2pm EST - Intelligence Analysis Tradecraft in an Open and Rapid World

RECORDING NOW AVAILABLE! A panel of public and private sector experts will explore analytic sourcing, structured analytic thinking, and security policy to capture how enduring analytic universals are evolving as data and technology progress.

October 21st at 9am EST - 5G and Cloud Convergence

RECORDING NOW AVAILABLE! This panel will examine the most pressing 5G and cloud issues impacting national security, including: supply chain security; U.S. leadership concerns; OpenRAN; and 5G national security use cases.

November 10th at 2pm EST - Issues in Quantum Computing and Security.

A panel of industry experts will discuss recent developments in quantum computing and the use of quantum effects to improve security.

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