Improving Drug Candidate Success Through Evaluating Specificity, Immunogenicity, Functionality & Manufacturability  

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The concept of Developability underpins all aspects of antibody discovery, lead selection and lead optimisation. Developability at Abzena is addressed in the context of Specificity & Functionality, Immunogenicity & Safety and Manufacturability with additional considerations for ADCs and other bioconjugates.

Why assess Developability?

  • Allows the identification of risk factors early in the development process
  • Provides scope to apply design alterations to fix/reduce liabilities, or to develop strategies to manage liabilities
  • Reduces the likelihood of major issues arising at a later, more costly, stage of development
  • Ensures the selection of the best drug candidate(s) for development

Abzena combines Developability and Rational Design through the application of a series of stage appropriate in silico, in vitro and ex vivo experiments which have been designed to characterize and select a lead drug candidate with the greatest chance of clinical success.


Dr Mark Frigerio
VP of Design & Developability
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