Troubled Water, Part I: What’s wrong with what we drink, and what can be done?

Originally aired on Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Join your peers in a unique educational event, presented by the SGC Water Group, comprised of Storm Water Solutions (SWS), Water & Wastes Digest (WWD), Industrial Water & Wastes Digest (iWWD), and Water Quality Products (WQP), in partnership with Global Water Works.

About the Webinar:

Seth Siegel, author of Troubled Water, will illuminate what’s wrong with the water we drink and invite input on a resolution from the municipal and commercial water experts:

Melissa Meeker, CEO of the Water Tower of Gwinnett County, a global innovation hub for utilities, will respond to the book and identify additional motivators for change, including a changing water workforce and changing climate.

Michael Reardon is a former Water industry Executive, now retired. He has served as President & COO, Culligan International and COO,CFO Co- Founder, US Filter. With 20 years of experience in commercial water businesses, Reardon is an investor in water technologies. He is also a passionate advocate for the new water frontier made possible with atmospheric water generation

Differing perspectives will create a healthy discussion on the means to ensure the health of citizens and sustainability of our nation’s water supply. All will be asked to lend their perspective on atmospheric water as a potential solution.

Key Take-aways:

  • Extreme weather events, crumbling infrastructure and emerging contaminants are impacting water quality and placing new demands on our utilities and water systems.
  • Atmospheric water generation (AWG) is maturing and could soon prove to be an essential complement to existing water resources.
  • Applications in the tropics and for disaster relief have demonstrated the value of this technology. Similar to the solar energy sector, innovation is accelerating and will soon enable scalable solutions to be present even in the desert.

About Global Water Works:

GlobalWaterWorks is an online community dedicated to advancing the adoption of smart and efficient technologies to help water work for the planet, people and prosperity. Our Mission is to connect business with proven solutions to maximize preservation of water resources and minimize water-related risks of business disruption. Our Vision is to see business and industry take a leadership role in alleviating the global water crisis. Through its integrated digital platform and educational programs, GlobalWaterWorks illuminates the experts, organizations and technologies working to address today’s water challenges. All are invited to join the FREE GlobalWaterWorks online community. Members may also subscribe to focused discussion forums, spanning Atmospheric Water, Digital Transformation, Corporate Sustainability, Women in Water and Next Generation opportunities. GlobalWaterWorks.... Connecting drops of interest for waves of impact!


Seth Siegel
Troubled Water
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Melissa Meeker
Water Tower of Gwinnett County
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Michael Reardon
Former Water Industry Executive
(Served as President & COO, Culligan International and COO,CFO Co- Founder, US Filter)
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