Bridging the bio-based economy cooperation gap.

3rd December 2020 - 1PM (GMT), 2PM (CET), 8am (EST) and on-demand.

The development of new cross-sectoral bio-based value chains requires synergies and cooperation between various sectors, both along and across the value-chains, bringing all actors together, mobilizing the innovations and pulling the market by bringing new innovative products and solutions. 

However, the interaction among processes and stakeholders between previously unconnected sectors, carries various challenges and barriers towards the development of new value chains and bio-based business models. 

Based on the Biobridges project findings, these challenges could be categorized in terms of feedstock, industry, and market and may vary among the different stakeholders that represent suppliers, industry, brands and end-users. Moreover, in the value chain, each type of stakeholder could be both a provider and a client, facing specific challenges per case.  

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This particular webinar seeks to present the exploitable findings (Actionable Knowledge) from the project in order  to achieve a long-lasting impact that is useful to close the gap of lack of cooperation among bioeconomy stakeholders.  During this interactive webinar, you will identify and discuss how to better leverage, valorise, and transfer the over 15 Biobridges assets that have been developed over the 28 months of the project duration.


Alexandre Almeida
Director of European Projects’ department
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Matteo Sabini
Project Manager
APRE - Agency for the Promotion of the European Research
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Raffaele Scocciani
R&D Director Open Innovation
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Vito Lambertini
Head of Materials Engineering (Italy)
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
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Luke Upton
Editor & Co-Founder
Bio Market Insights
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