Data Visualization for Single Cell Multiomics: Linking the Epigenome to the Transcriptome

Previously Aired on November 17th, 2020

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Explore an innovative approach that simultaneously profiles gene expression (RNA-seq) and chromatin accessibility (ATAC-seq) from the same single cells. With Chromium Single Cell Mulitome ATAC + Gene Expression, researchers can more deeply characterize complex cell populations and discover gene regulatory interactions driving development and disease.

This single cell multiomics approach requires specialized data analysis and visualization software to view multiple data types. Learn how to simultaneously navigate genome-wide chromatin accessibility and gene expression profiles, and uncover gene regulatory programs, at single cell resolution with the easy-to-use visualization tool, Loupe Browser.

Join us for a webinar with 10x Genomics bioinformatics scientists to learn how to analyze and view results from Single Cell Multiome ATAC + Gene Expression experiments.

In this webinar, you will learn:

• Data visualization for Chromium Single Cell Multiome ATAC + Gene Expression using Loupe Browser software from 10x Genomics

• Identifying cell types and states with both chromatin accessibility and gene expression markers

• Visualizing epigenomic and transcriptomic feature linkages to uncover gene regulatory interactions driving cell differentiation, development, and disease

Researchers interested in the following should attend:

• Epigenetics

• Gene Expression

• Stem Cell Technologies

• Sequencing / Next Gen

• Genomics


Hank Tu
Staff Scientist
10x Genomics
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Tamlyn Oliver
Managing Editor
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