Influencer Marketing: Science, Strategy and Success

The results are in... Only 29% of influencers are asked about their audience demographics, with just 11% of influencers who collaborate with brands on their blogs are asked for their analytics to prove the value of the post/reach. We surveyed 1,000 influencers to understand how brands and agencies are working with influencers, and surveyed 1,300 consumers to understand how they perceive #ads and sponsored content, and what kind of influencer marketing resonates best.

Influencer Marketing: Science, Strategy and Success provides the key insights into the world of influencer marketing that is often missed out, and aims to provide marketers and PRs with a strategic framework for a data-driven approach to their campaigns.

Key findings in the report include:
  • Only 29% of influencers are asked for their audience demographics
  • 73% of influencers put more effort in collaborations when they feel brand resonance
  • 61% of consumers don't check whether a post is sponsored
  • Half of consumers are more likely to buy a product if buy on the recommendation of someone who specialises in that area
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