Flexible Monitoring of Small Molecules in Complex Matrices with Aptamer Affinity Reagents using Bio-Layer Interferometry

Originally Aired November 7th, 2018

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The Aptamer Group uses Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) to screen and characterize the interactions of aptamers with their respective targets. The Octet® and BLItz® platforms help develop assays and give proof of concept data for the use of aptamers in other applications; like protein purification or small molecule-protein diagnostic applications.

By taking advantage of the conformational change in the aptamers upon target binding, the Octet system was implemented for high-throughput screening and characterization of aptamers against small molecule targets (~300Da). The resulting aptamers can, in turn, be used for screening samples for the presence of the target small molecule compound.

Recently, Aptamer Group also introduced an additional screening approach to allow rapid identification of the minimal functional binding fragment for aptamers. This approach supplies customers with the best performing Optimer™, with improved kinetic parameters that can further reduce the cost of downstream production.

This webinar will present data to show the versatility of the BLI platforms with example data from Optimers™ for different aptamer based applications, with a focus on small molecule detection and quantification.


David Bunka
Chief Technical Officer
Aptamer Group
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