Website Re-Design vs. Website Refresh – 7 Questions You Ned to Ask Yourself

22nd July - 12 pm

A new website is an expensive purchase for any business, they can range from £2000 to £20,000+ depending on the type and size of your business, the functionality you like in terms of widgets and if you need to integrate your website with a CRM system for automated and immediate response to customers.

Here at Mediaworks, we build new websites for our customers. Shiny new websites, integrated, quick, user friendly on all types of devices so it may seem counter intuitive what we're about to say.

A website is such a big change and a big cost, when done properly, that we'd recommend you stop and ask yourself the following 7 key questions?

  1. Is your current website mobile responsive?
  2. Have you ever tired to use a website it takes so long to load?
  3. Do you have any user feedback on your site?
  4. Is it difficult to update pages using your current CMS?
  5. Do you need to improve your SEO?
  6. Do you want to improve website goals and conversions?
  7. Do you need to integrate it with a CRM system?

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