Move Beyond Compliance Monitoring with RTRT

July 18th, 2019

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For manufacturers seeking to maximize efficiency, real-time release testing (RTRT) is the goal. With greater collection of process data, pharmaceutical manufacturers can increase quality assurance and enhance process understanding to perform corrective actions in real time. 


RTRT of pharmaceutical water for production requires the use of quantitative data with a validated online instrument of record. Join this webinar to learn how TOC analyzers can be implemented for RTRT and how to overcome obstacles to improve efficiency, process control, and advanced troubleshooting.

In this webinar we will discuss:

-How TOC can be used for RTRT of water for production based on process data

-The power of validated data to enable process knowledge, understanding, and control

-Advanced troubleshooting with TOC and conductivity

-Requirements for analytical instrument validation for RTRT


Who should attend: 

-QA & QC personnel in the Pharmaceutical Industry

-Validation personnel in the Pharmaceutical Industry

-Operations personnel in the Pharmaceutical Industry

-Engineering teams in the Pharmaceutical Industry


Mike Auerbach
American Pharmaceutical Review
Lukas Swanson, M Eng.
Global Life Science Applications Engineer
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Andy Young
Director, Life Sciences
SUEZ - Water Technologies & Solutions
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