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Primary cells as tools in advanced cell culture models

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Originaly aired; July 6, 2017

This webcast focuses on the use of primary cells in advanced 3D cell culture systems. Ideally, the cells used in cell culture systems should mimic those present in vivo, thus primary cells (non-immortalized cells that have recently been removed from an in vivo environment) are preferable to immortalized cells grown in cell culture for long periods. Given that cells grow in a 3D environment in vivo, alongside a variety of different cells types, cell culture systems that permit growth of multiple layers of various primary cell types in vitro are preferable to the 2D mono-culture methods traditionally used for cell culture. Some 3D cell culture systems are established by growing cells in scaffolds made from a variety of diverse materials, including collagen, hydrogels, decellularized ex vivo material and silk. Alternatively, microchips with microfluidic channels can be lined with cells to mimic the 3D microenvironment.

This webcast includes presentations by three researchers (Roger Kamm, David Kaplan and Harald Ott) who use primary cells in advanced 3D cell culture systems. Each researcher will introduce the primary cells they use, explaining why these are preferable to alternative sources of cells. They will also explain how they use these cells, including some background on how they have optimized culture conditions and overcome technical challenges. Finally, they will present results that illustrate the diversity of applications of their 3D system. The second half of the webcast will be a Q&A session, to give researchers the opportunity to ask specific questions about the models and how to troubleshoot any issues they are having with the set-up and use of such models.

Roger Kamm
Cecil and Ida Green Distinguished Professor of Biological and Mechanical Engineering
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David Kaplan
Stern Family Professor of Engineering and Distinguished University Professor
Tufts University
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Harald Ott
University of Innsbruck Principal Investigator and Assistant Professor in Surgery at the Harvard Medical School
Harvard Medical School; University of Innsbruck; Massachusetts General Hospital; Richard B. Simches Research Center
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