How to Conquer Your MetID Data

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MetID scientists ultimately aim to produce an elucidated biotransformation map with full clarity of the parent compound’s metabolic pathway. This information is used by discovery and development groups to understand the metabolic liabilities that can assist in directing the next steps of synthesis. Elucidation of the biotransformation map, however, is a common bottleneck since metabolite identification scientists must deal with disparate data sources and manual workflows for LC/MS data processing and interpretation.

In this webinar you will hear how software can help you with overcoming the traditional challenges in metabolite identification:

  • Save time with your data mining and collating spectra
  • Autogenerate complete biotransformation maps, stability and kinetic plots, and reports
  • Database your results in a knowledge management system with little extra effort
  • Search through old studies more efficiently
  • Use the web to share interactive results and reports with team members and customers

Director, manager or senior scientist responsible for:

  • Drug metabolism and pharmokinetics
  • Metabolite identification
  • Mass spectrometry / analytical labs
Dr. Richard Lee
Solution Manager
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