Sport and Activity - Fit the Future?

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Amongst the uncertainty and difficulties that have arisen during 2020, one element that’s remained steadfastly true is the importance of sport and physical activity within society, and its vital role in helping us get through this challenging time. It’s supporting the health of a nation battling to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic, strengthening and integrating communities amidst the issues highlighted once more through Black Lives Matter, and supporting the wellbeing of people across the country who are facing unprecedented disruption to their lives.It’s become clearer than ever that for our sector to realise the impact it can have on a national scale we need to continue to drive a collaborative approach, build wider and stronger relationships with those who see themselves as helping to create an active nation, and develop a shared vision for sport and physical activity across the country.

The construction of our new strategy therefore feels timely, and our commitment to do this with partners continues to help us understand the possibilities and the challenges. Following the release of our emerging direction ('Shaping Our Future') in April, we’ve received an incredible amount of feedback providing valuable insight and perspectives to inform our thinking, and we’d like to invite partners to join us on this webinar to reflect on what we’ve heard.

Led by our chief executive Tim Hollingsworth, we’ll discuss the situation as we currently understand it, the challenges and opportunities ahead for sport and physical activity, and the role that Sport England can play through our next strategy.


Sport England
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