Putting Disruptive Data Center Network Innovations to Work for Your Missions

Originally Aired November 12, 2020

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Join Nokia and Bell Labs Consulting to examine:

  • The evolution of data center network technologies
  • The new forces driving change in IT environments
  • A new data center network operations paradigm
  • How data center networks will and should evolve
  • What will future cloud architectures look like, what are the “no regret” investment areas
  • Are your data center networks ready for the digital age demands of tomorrow?

From conducting augmented or virtual reality training to carrying out drone missions to ensuring base safety or smart warehousing applications, government agencies need to process and analyze a gargantuan amount of data collected by IoT sensors, video feeds and soon 5G. This calls for agile and flexible data center infrastructure that supports elastic, cloud-native application workloads to scale up and out rapidly. Most data center networks were built for a static IT environment and are challenged to quickly respond to these new compute needs. The networks also become the bottleneck as agencies pursue innovations at scale and speed. 

Covering the topics and challenges outlined above, after attending this webinar you will see how disruptive data center networking technologies and thoughtful planning with the future in mind, can create a strategic advantage for the Federal Government.

About Nokia: Nokia works with the world’s largest webscale operators and enterprises to help them optimize, automate and interconnect their data center networks to scale their dynamic cloud operations around the globe. The Nokia research and development arm, Nokia Bell Labs, with over a century of ground-breaking innovations and nine Nobel Prizes, is driving 5G research and standards today as part of the company’s Future X Vision initiatives.


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