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Solving Your Number One Security Risk


Email has played a growing role in digital transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic, as organisations continue to support large-scale remote working. But it has also introduced risk of accidental and intentional data leakage.

Misdirected emails are the top security threat UK organisations face, according to new data from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and over two-thirds (68%) of employees who recently admitted to sending work emails in error.

Join this session to hear from Egress' Chief Product Officer, Sudeep Venkatesh, and Stewart Room, Partner at DWF, as they discuss the email-borne threats organisations face, why and how people put sensitive data at risk, and how machine learning can prevent email data breaches and protect shared data.

Key takeaways: 

•    Learn why email is the biggest data security risk in your organisation 

•    Understand how large-scale remote working amplified this rise

•    Hear about the limitations of legacy static technologies to prevent email data breaches 

•    Understand the role machine learning plays in making email safe



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Sudeep Venkatesh
Chief Product Officer
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Stewart Room
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