Managing your wealth in a period of uncertainty

Wednesday 6 November 2019

Sensible and actional steps to protect your savings and investments

Join The Lawyer in association with Netwealth for a live, interactive, 60 minute webinar as we explore how to protect your savings and investments in disruptive political markets and environments.

Having balanced and diversified portfolios, and clearly planned financial goals, are crucial to the long-term success of your investments, including your pension.

In this webinar, Netwealth's senior team will provide insight into the importance of defining risk within your investment planning, and the controllable factors when building your portfolios.

Get an expert view on:

  • Sensible and actionable steps to protect your savings and investments
  • How Netwealth’s managed portfolios cope with uncertainty
  • The current market risks, as well as opportunities
Matt Byrne
Deputy Editor
The Lawyer
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Gerard Lyons
Chief Economic Strategist
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Matt Conradi
Head of Client Advisory
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