Applications of TCR repertoire as a biomarker for immunotherapy and beyond

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Speaker: Dr. Ankita Das

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Checkpoint inhibitors have produced durable responses, even cure, in patients who have failed all therapies. This phenomenon is unprecedented in cancer treatment, revitalizing efforts to expand their use in a greater % of patients. Many tumor cell-intrinsic and extrinsic factors influence the magnitude of anti-tumor immunity influencing long-term survival. CD8 T cell infiltration, their spatial distribution within the tumor, and tumor mutation burden have led to a broader classification of tumors: a) “hot” - high infiltration of T cells including CD8; b) “cold”: lack of T cell infiltration including CD8; c) “excluded”: presence of T cells in the periphery of the tumor but no infiltration in the tumor core, and d) “ intermediate or suppressed”: some infiltration but no anti-tumor activity.

TCR repertoire profiling is routinely used for monitoring immune response and is gaining utility in cancer immunotherapy applications. In this webinar, I will discuss various tools that MedGenome has created to study the T cell phenotype, their activation state and their target neoantigen to enable biomarker discovery and define potential therapeutic strategies.

Highlights of the presentation

  • Overview of tumor microenvironment analysis using OncoPeptTUME
  • TCR repertoire analysis platform OncoPeptTCR
    • TCR analysis from FFPE tissue
  • Gamma/ Delta TCR repertoire analysis
  • Emerging areas of knowledge in the TCR space

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