In Public Relations, it’s Progress not Perfection

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Across history, technology has been the great driver of efficiency, and this remains true today across the public relations landscape. Social media is a key technological advantage that teams large and small are deploying to create dynamic and timely responses to developing events that can have immediate and long term impacts to your brand, customers, employees, and investors.
Join Dataminr to learn how real-time alerts derived from social media is saving communications teams time and helping them manage the imperfect world of public relations, where the only certainty is unpredictability. As public relations professionals are faced with increasing areas of responsibility and more tightly constrained resources, incorporating an early detection tool is essential to staying agile in an unpredictable world.
During this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Ways that access to real-time information can be used to gain early detection of breaking events to ensure that your team can respond as soon as an event occurs.
  • How large and small corporate communications teams are using early detection tools  to maximize efficiency of their social media tool set.
  • Best practices and real examples of how Dataminr’s alerts derived from social media can be used to coordinate an effective response across impacted departments, such as corporate communications, the c-suite, brand and marketing, and investor relations.
  • How public relations operations are improved by the use of social media early detection and what this means for ROI.

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