Cell culture media: Why go serum-free?

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In cell biology, cells are commonly grown in medium supplemented with serum. Serum is a highly variable, undefined product which impacts the reliability, reproducibility and consistency of scientific results. In order to eliminate these unwanted influences, more and more scientists consider serum-free cell culturing.
Watch this webinar to learn about the concerns regarding the use of serum, and find out about viable alternatives.
Nicole Wellens, Lonza Cell Culture Specialist, will discuss the following topics:

  • Scientific concerns about cell culturing with serum
  • The case for serum-free cell culture
  • How to switch from serum to serum-free culturing with little effort
Moderator: Dr. Heiko Büth
Scientific Support Specialist
Lonza Bioscience Solutions
Presenter: Nicole Wellens
Product Manager Cell Culture Media
Lonza Bioscience Solutions
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