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The impact of the negative interest rates on banking as a whole and on ALM in particular
18 May 2021 at 11am (BST)

Negative interest rates are a reality for most markets.

For the UK whilst the Bank of England has yet to move base rate negative, the yield curve has been negative with UK Treasury bills issued at negative rates for some time.

In this webinar we will focus on the possible impact Bank of England negative rates could have on the banking industry, banking as whole and on Asset and Liability Management practitioners in particular.

We will cover: 

  • Are the negative central bank interest rates a new norm?
  • What experience can we evidence and what lessons can we learn from other countries experiences of negative interest rates?
  • What impact negative interest rates have on banking as a whole and on ALM in particular?
  • What impact will it have on product pricing in the negatives rates environment?
  • What behavioural assumptions may change as result of negative interest rates and how do we assess these risk when modelling these impacts?


Simon Hills
Director, Prudential Policy
UK Finance
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Adrian Sargent
Expert consultant on Treasury and ALM
Moody’s Analytics
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Nicolas Kunghehian
Director, Solutions Specialist
Moody’s Analytics
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Justin Fox
Group Treasurer
Virgin Money
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