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Oestradiol – The state of the science with a focus on breast cancer

Originally aired on October 21, 2020 at 11:30am EDT

Oestradiol (also spelled Estradiol) measurement by LC-MS/MS has demonstrated superior sensitivity and specificity over immunoassay but despite this, use of immunoassay remains commonplace. Measuring oestradiol by LC-MS/MS is not without its challenges for which there are several approaches. One particular challenge is the very low levels that there is a clinical need to measure accurately, especially in patients with breast cancer. This presentation will look at the issues around accurate measurement and review how different authors have approached them. It will also examine how oestradiol measurement is used in a breast cancer population as a guide for treatment decisions and how different analytical approaches might impact upon these decisions.

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Laura Owen
Consultant Clinical Scientist at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust
Honorary senior lecturer at the University of Manchester
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Moderator: Anthony Newman
Senior Publisher
Elsevier, The Netherlands – publisher of the MSACL journal Clinical Mass Spectrometry