The London Tech Week & TechXLR8 Digital Series puts you in front of the leaders and innovators transforming the way we live and work.

Covering everything from AI and AR to the future of work and tech skills, our Digital Series webinars are the perfect way to stay informed in the build up to London Tech Week & TechXLR8 2019.


21 March 2019 (Now Available On-Demand)
Creating Digital Leaders: Skills for the Next Generation
In this webinar, we explore the cost of the skills gap & the impact of automation and AI in the era of Industry 4.0. Join us as we uncover practical strategies for educating to fill the gap.

28 March 2019 (Now Available On-Demand)
How Immersive Technologies are Transforming Emergency Services
See how the development of enterprise-focused virtual, mixed and augmented reality is being used to benefit first-responders, both at the scene and in the office.

1 April 2019 (Now Available On-Demand)
Moving From Pilot to Scale in the Smart City
In this webinar, Kim Brostrom, CTO of DOLL Living Lab in Denmark, talks to Signify about what cities can do to begin scaling the whole range of smart city capabilities in order to realise the enormous potential that smart initiatives offer today.

4 April 2019 (Now Available On-Demand)
Driving the Future of Work
Who really owns the future of work? Find out in this webinar which is dedicated to helping you build your strategy with employees in mind - empowering lasting change.

11 April 2019 (Now Available On-Demand)
The Future Command & Control Room
Learn how future behaviours, challenges and technologies will impact the nerve centres of businesses and emergency services across the globe.

18 April 2019 (Now Available On-Demand)
Designing Tech with People in Mind
This webinar focuses on inclusive innovation, ensuring tech initiatives match what people need, and the key role of design in tech plays here.

25 April 2019 (Now Available On-Demand)
Responsible AI for Enterprise
Learn how your business can build an ethical framework for responsible AI and unlock the full potential of AI and Machine learning to transform your enterprise.

2 May 2019 (Now Available On-Demand)
Blockchain in Action: Use Cases Driving Business Value Now
Explore what blockchain can do for your business now, with real examples of blockchain generating ROI for companies. Discover how common challenges can be overcome and the variety of ways in which blockchain can be used in your business today.

9 May 2019 (Now Available On-Demand)
Drones and UAVs in Emergency Response
Find out how drones are being applied to emergency situations to aid decision-making and response of first-responders.

16 May 2019 (Now Available On-Demand)
IoT & Subscription Business Models
What are the benefits of using an IoT subscription model? What are the challenges and opportunities faced by using this model? What do subscription models mean for IoT buyers? This dedicated IoT webinar answers all.

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