Drapers Webinar in partnership with SML and Zebra

Learn why apparel retailers are adopting RFID at an accelerating rate

The world of fashion retailing is moving faster than ever and RFID one of the tools helping retailers to maintain a competitive advantage - crucially, it is helping to enable real-time stock visibility and accuracy.

In May, Drapers, SML and Zebra teamed up for this audio webinar on how a multi-market RFID rollout is successfully achieved, how RFID can lead to sales increases and the key elements needed to generate a return on investment in less than 12 months.

Listen again to the webinar to hear:

  • The challenges retailers are facing and why RFID is the answer
  • The business benefits of RFID
  • How to implement a successful RFID strategy
  • The most common pain points and how these can be overcome
  • The longer-term impact of RFID on stock accuracy and inventory reduction, sales and the bottom line



Dean Frew
CTO & Sr. VP of RFID Solutions
SML Group
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Pankaj Shukla
Zebra Technologies Corp
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Danielle Dawson
Senior Consultant
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Rebecca Thomson
Head of Commercial Content

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