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Structural Tools In Your MS Tool Box

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

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Integrative methods in structural biology can generate molecular models for protein assemblies at any scale. The approach begins by levering existing structural knowledge as “building blocks”. It then incorporates different sources of biophysical data to fill in the gaps, armed with powerful computational routines.
Mass spectrometry has enormous potential to serve as a key provider of structural restraints, and even push structural biology towards a cell-based activity. It can also provide critical conformational data that serves to link structure to function. 
We develop chemical labeling methods that anticipate structural biology at this scale, and we investigate ways in which the data can be used for assembling complex structures, in ways that can be delivered by specialized proteomics core labs.
We will provide some insights on how data from electron microscopy, H/D exchange and crosslinking mass spectrometry can be used together to solve complex structure-function problems.  We’ll illustrate using examples drawn from our research in mitotic regulation, epigenetics and DNA damage repair mechanisms. 

During this webcast you the speaker will address:

  • Diversity of MS tools that are available for protein structural analysis
  • Use of integrated mass spectrometry techniques to enable characterization of complex and dynamic structure-function relationships.
  • Effective way of planning experiments and getting the most from current technology
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David Schriemer
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University of Calgary
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Dr. Jayshan Carpen
Nature Research
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