PFAS Considerations for Drinking Water: Best Practices and Regulatory Trends

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Per- and Polyfluouroalkly Substances (PFAS) have been found to be widespread indrinking water sources across the nation. However, this has not yet resulted in uniformapproaches to regulating, testing and removing them from drinking water supplysystems. This has left many drinking water system owners and operators with the needto educate themselves and make risk management decisions in the face of everchanging science. Some municipal water authorities have decided to implement non-detect as a treatment performance standard while others are taking a wait and seeapproach since there is no national Maximum Contaminant Level (MCLs) established.

The webinar presenters will help viewers to understand the latest regulatory trends on anational and state level, to offer a glimpse into the possible future regulatory criteria.They will also help viewers to learn that all PFAS test results are not the same. Significantdifferences can exist based on who, when and how a sample is collected, the laboratoryused, the test method selected and the potential for cross-contamination. Understanding these variables will help operators obtain reliable data and understand the limits of the data. Lastly, the speakers will discuss treatment and financial options available in the event PFAS removal is necessary. A case study will be discussed to help illustrate the issues operators may face.

What viewers will learn: 

- Why are PFAS regulated and what are my obligations? 

- How do I collect reliable data that I can make decisions upon? 

- What are my options financially and for treatment if I find PFAS in my rawwater?

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